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  Endeavour Replica ~Point Hicks NSW
Replica of HMS Endeavour, off Point Hicks 20th April 1995,
from where Lieutenant James Cook RN first sighted Australia
on Friday 20th April 1770 (ship's log: 19th April)

Voyages of Biological Discovery/R.S. Callow

Wilmslow Guild, Autumn 2009


Introduction. From the sixteenth century onwards, naturalists began to accompany maritime explorers and to return to Europe with ever greater collections of specimens of animals and plants. These collections astounded those back home. They provided a growing challenge to orthodox religion and a great stimulus to scientific understanding. In addition, some of the specimens proved of great commercial value. This short course will explore the way in which this story unfolded, from maritime experience to philosophical deduction and commercial exploitation. It will be supported by illustrated lectures and detailed notes.

●    The scope of biodiversity on land and sea
●    Concepts of species and their inter-relations
●    Geological history and its influence on geographical distribution
●    The theory of evolution by natural selection
●    Commercial exploitation and its political consequences

Pre-requisites: No specialist knowledge will be assumed.

Course Outline. The great navigations of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries opened up new worlds to European explorers. Towards the end of the sixteenth century, naturalists were beginning to accompany the voyagers, making detailed notes of their experiences and collecting large numbers of specimens of animals and plants. These collections were financed in a variety of ways. Joseph Banks and Charles Darwin funded themselves; Hans Sloane and Joseph Hooker served as Surgeons; Henry Bates and Alfred Wallace financed their exploration by selling specimens, publications and  illustrations. The enormous numbers of specimens returned to Europe constituted major challenges to classification and theology. These challenges in turn inspired Linnaeus to develop a revolutionary system of classification and Darwin to advance his theory of natural selection. They also had substantial commercial and political repercussions. All these aspects will be explored during the course. Each session will begin with an illustrated lecture describing the specimens and biological contributions of a particular voyage. The discoveries will be evaluated for their contributions to contemporary thought as well as their lasting legacy. Each lecture will be followed by a discussion of topics raised. Your participation will be encouraged. Lectures will be supported by supplementary notes and by Power-Point presentations which will include graphical and textual evidence. Discussions will be informed by the lectures, recommended books and supplementary notes issued in advance. Participants will be encouraged to prepare for topics under debate, to form their own views and to discuss them with others. No specialist knowledge will be assumed.


  1.    Hans Sloane’s Voyage to Jamaica (1687 − 1689)
  2.    Voyaging with James Cook aboard the Endeavour (1768 − 1771)
  3.    Voyaging with James Cook aboard the Resolution (1772 − 1775)
  4.    Voyaging with Matthew Flinders aboard the Investigator (1801 − 1805)
  5.    Voyaging with Robert Fitzroy aboard the Beagle (1831 − 1836)
  6.    Voyaging with Joseph Hooker aboard the Erebus (1839 - 1843)
  7.    Voyaging with Thomas Huxley aboard the Rattlesnake (1846 - 1850)
  8.    Henry Bates − naturalist on the Amazon (1848 − 1859)
  9.    Alfred Wallace and the Malay Archipelago (1854 − 1862)
10.    Plunging the depths in the Challenger (1872 − 1876)

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